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<aside> 📖 Identifying the right people for a team doesn’t have to be so hard. Ever-increasing talent scarcity dramatically changes the expectations talent has towards hiring teams. They want fast processes and have no tolerance for unnecessary interviews or assignments. Still, companies need to understand who's the best talent to hire and how to set them up for success most effectively.


HiPeople is the hiring intelligence platform helping companies to truly understand who's about to join their organisation while reducing the manual hassle for everyone involved: recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

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<aside> ⛰️ We give hiring teams the best toolkit to unlock the reality about their candidates and processes to always make the best hire - fast and affordable.


Some quick facts about us:

We are 1️⃣4️⃣ people, a 🛰️ hybrid company based in Berlin 🇩🇪, with teams spread across, Dublin 🇮🇪, Milan 🇮🇹, Porto, Lisboa 🇵🇹, Cyprus 🇨🇾 & Valencia 🇪🇸. 6 of us have 👶. 1 of us has a machine running with Linux.

HiPeople values

💈Trust - we believe you will do the right thing.

🔮 Curiosity - we proactively figure out the “how” and “why”.

💡Learn Fast - we are hyper-explorative, we quickly discover what works and act upon it.

🏡 Ownership - we are empowered to create and make an impact. We build the blocks to something bigger and see it through.